HOD: Mrs Jacinta Migwi

The department takes care of three subjects namely; Chemistry, Biology and Physics. For Kenya to realize her vision 2030, the learners must perform very well in the sciences. Currently, there are fourteen (14) qualified science teachers.

Our school is a STEM school and also a SMASE center which is as a result of our very good performance in the science subjects. We have four well-equipped science laboratories and therefore our girls do a lot of hands-on activities.

More about the department

The teachers apply ASEI/PDSI together with IBL/PBL which help the learners develop a positive attitude towards the subjects. Teachers are using ICT in teaching and learning. This has helped in enhancing learners’ interest.

We have been participating in KSEF and our girls, with proper guidance by the teachers, go up to the National level. The department organizes an annual Science contest in May which enables the learners and teachers from different schools to meet and exchange ideas.

The girls have been doing very in sciences in KCSE and this has resulted to most of them being offered science-related courses such as Engineering and Medicine in our Public Universities.

The members of the department work as a team and with God, we shall move to greater heights. We appreciate our principal, Ms Mundia, for supporting the department’s academic programs. God bless us, God bless Naivasha Girls.